10 February 2011

How to Install Oracle 9i or Oracle 10g Installation Help

Oracle 9i or 10g Installation Help

1. Download Oracle 9i or 10g Software.
2. Click on Oracle Setup icon.
3. Click on Next
4. Click on Next
5. Select Oracle 9i Database
6. Select Enterprise Edition
7. Select General Purpose
8. Click on Next
9. Write SID (Source ID) Names
            Global Database Name         :           Harisid
            SID                                         :           Harisid
10. Click on Next
11. Click on Next
12. Select Use the Default CharacreSet
13. Click on Next
14. Click on Next
15. Wait….
16. Browse and Select Disk2 Location
17. Browse and Select Disk3 Location
18. Wait…..
19. Wait…..
20. Enter your Own Password   :   tiger

Installation Successfully Completed

Oracle 9i or 10g Installation Help


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